Donation-A curse?

There are two ways to tackle CO2 emissions 1) Awareness 2) Economics
1) I have chosen awareness because there is a lot of strength in this solution if it comes from the common man’s heart and mind. This is also behavior related hence long term solution. Just like defensive driving.
2) Economic solution is hard to implement cause our behavior does not change, but ways to get around economic enforcement increases. (tax evasion, black market, etc)

Emissions today are counted as energy consumed in the country itself and hence defines its responsibilities. But when developed nations outsource work to developing nations for goods and services, the energy that is burnt in developing nations is not counted, though goods and services are used in developed nations.

In all the news papers and articles, everyone is attributing the high demand of energy in developing nations to its population. This is just ridiculous. The real demand is increasing in developed nations also, though it’s not visible to common man in developed nation, as they see the solar panels and wind farms in the country, so they feel they are being responsible citizens. They also feel sorry for the developing nations and they donate lots of money in aids to developing nations to buy food and healthcare.

Every time, I see news of people queuing outside apple stores to buy the latest apple i-phones or i-pads (discarding the old ones), i just wonder if we can ever achieve equality for all human beings. The old i-phone or i-pad for example also consumed a lot of energy in the whole process of manufacturing and transport and advertisements, etc.. which goes into trash or on second hand market, where again it is transported, advertised, etc to reach another user who discards his old phone or buys his first phone. We are wasting so much energy.

I believe in the approach of awareness. Only by making people aware that due to their demands in life, the energy price is going up, which makes food so costly that more and more people cannot afford it. If we want to really help the developing nations to rise and be healthy, the developed nations need to make smart choices and not donate money.
It is by awareness that we will be accountable and the real solution always comes from within.

f YOU want to help bring about a change, please sign the petition below that is addressed to most of the decision makers in the world.


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  1. I strongly agree with your point, awareness is crucial. Action is essential. All projects start with great enthusiasm but slowly end up abandoned. Same happens with the e-waste as you mention above. The truth is that 7 Billion people are just too much for a non-renewable source of energy.

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